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Articles and Features..
For The Girls brings you quality reading updated regularly. Here's just some of the articles available in the archives...

10 Ways to Drive Him Wild In Bed
So, you've finally trained your man to give you oral sex at the drop of the hat. It's time to consider his needs. We offer you ten great ways to tickle his fancy in bed.
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Puppetry of the Penis
Want to see the dick trick that's too rude for the stage show? We've got the amazing photos! Plus we interview the hunky puppeteers and find out what it takes to make a career out of playing with your dick. More inside...

Teledildonics - Real Virtual Sex?
Remember when "virtual reality sex" was going to be the next big thing? You might be surprised to discover that teledildonics will soon be coming to a bedroom near you. More inside...

The Sex Teachers
Yes, there are people out there who teach you how to have sex, and they're providing an important community service. More inside...

Me Myself and I
Multiple Personality Disorder often appears in films and television, but to those who suffer from it, life can be difficult, confusing and, sometimes, fun. More inside...

Spice Up Your Sex Life!
Want some great tips to keep you sizzling between the sheets? Read on!
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Amazing Autofellatio
Only 1% of men can suck their own penis. We talk to the guys who can perform this clever trick. Plus, incredible autofellatio photos! More inside...

Scandal! Celeb Sex Tapes
What's the appeal of watching celebrities like Paris Hilton having sex?!
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Great Columns
Planet Sex
Looks at everything bizarre and wacky in the world of love and sex, such as:
* Woman mistakes vibrator for bomb
* The extreme sport of nude ironing
* Uproar over a snow penis
* Why men who do housework are absolute hornbags
* The Vaginal Frankenstein
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Smoking Brassieres
Offers the best chicks-eye view of life...
* The dangers of the clitoris
* Musical vibrators
* How women can learn to pee standing up
* Ugly chic is the new black
* Farting terms
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Our Monthly Centerfolds..
We've recently featured some seriously good looking men, such as...
* Babelicious Antonio from California
* Noah, the sexy personal trainer
* Johnny Cruz... hot hot hot!
* Peter. the horseriding hunk
* Firefighting dynamo Rob
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Featured Couples..
Our search for the most erotic couples photos has brought us:
* Sonia and Gerard - Sensuality, genuine desire AND afterglow!
* Tia and Damian - Young lust with a touch of playfulness
* Amber and Reid - Slow eroticism with a sexy massage
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Erotic Fiction...
Some of our exclusively written female focused sex stories:
* Pick a Dick - a raunchy gameshow where the loser wins the prize
* First Orgasm - an erotic awakening
* Strapon Candy - experimenting with male penetration
*Fidelity and Other Business Affairs - adventures as a fidelity-tester
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Sex Advice..
Here's just a few of the questions our resident Sexpert has answered:
* I'm considering the idea of getting my clit pierced, but I'm not sure which is the best option. Can you help?
* I recently had anal sex, and it was kind of sexy but also very painful. Surely there must be a way to do it that doesn't hurt?
* Who should get the wet spot after sex?
* My husband wants to stretch the skin on his penis to make a new foreskin. Is this a good idea?
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Grandma Scrotum
Grandma been handing out her own particular brand of hand-knitted sex advice. You'll love her hilarious answers
to questions such as:
* My husband has taken to stirring his coffee with his penis. How can I get him to stop?
* I have a ferret who was always been very affectionate, but lately he seems to want to get into my trousers. What can I do?
* I've developed a bit of a thing for my vacuum cleaner. How can I stop wanting to have sex with the Hoover?
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Ask Luke
Offers a man's eye view into the world of boy-stuff. Learn how to:
* Stock your toolbox
* Grow plants hydroponically
* Build your own BBQ
* Maintain your car
And read why men name their penises, don't speak at urinals, think about sex every ten seconds, and love lesbians.
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